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Dear Sir or Madam,

in practice today only the most outstanding problem is normally dealt with, while another one might be even more important tomorrow. So often there does not remain time to complement our points of view or to rethink well-worn production structures.

In a time when, in many printing enterprises, only a limit going towards zero is achieved with the utmost effort, waterless offset printing as an ecological alternative presents itself for a wide-range product spectrum.

The promotion of research and development in the field of waterless printing process in order to avoid ecological damage, keeping to highest printing quality, has become the aim of some European printers and sponsors who founded the society

European Waterless Printing Association (EWPA)

in mid-1996. Along with the topics of research and development, the society's aim is to inform professional technicians and scientists about the technical printing at home and abroad. 

Training programmes, discussions on the subject and exchange of experiences are to help answering questions and help making decisions.

The logo of the society stands for international co-operation, environmental protection and quality.

The members of the EWPA feel obliged to the idea of conservation and printing quality.

We would be pleased to welcome you as a member of EWPA soon and remain,


Yours faithfully

Detlef Braun

European Waterless Printing Association
- President EWPA - 



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