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50 Years Könings GmbH & Co. KG

Company KÖNINGS, was founded 1959 by Wolfgang Könings and was initially focused on electrical installations. In the first Years after the foundation, the main emphasis was based in the region of medium and big industries. Electrical installations as well as electrical parts were solely processed for these companies.

Related to this, parts and installations for the production of conventional developing processors (wet offset printing) were delivered, installed and serviced up to approx. 1978.

After some manufacturers of developing processors decided to stop the production of these specific developing machines, KÖNINGS decided in 1978 to develop and manufacture these machines on their own account.

1982, KÖNINGS exhibited at DRUPA for the first time. After keeping an open eye on the market and with help and recommendations of business partners, KÖNINGS attention was drawn to the at this time new offset printing device –the waterless offset –. Even in the same Year the first developing processor for the TORAY WATERLESS PLATE was developed and produced.



Well-known companies i.e. Freiburger Druckhaus, Rheinpfalz Verlag, EPC, Belgien, are part of the first newspaper printers who develop TORAY Waterless Plates on KÖNINGS developing processors.
Up to the present time the widest developing processor (roller width 1500 mm) was installed in Australia.

After the founder Wolfgang Könings deceased at the age of 67 Years in July 2002, business is continued by his widow Gisela Könings.

Up to the present day (2009) approx. 700 developing processors, type KTW, for waterless offset printing are worldwide in use.

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