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Bergische University of Wuppertal and the EWPA invited to a conference with the subject:

Energy efficiency and productivity increase in the waterless UV / Offsetprinting

on the 22nd of April 2010 a succession organization of the European conference "eeei" took place in the rooms of the university. 

With contributions of the BG ETEM (earlier BG pressure and paper processing), the EWPA and the company`s, Draabe industry technology, Kühnast radiation technology, Krause- Biagosch and RKJ Print-Cooling Systems. 

Goal was to show, that with energy cost-cuttings, room climate improvements and the most ecological printing process considerable improvements in the net value added chain can be obtained.

Report of Theodor Bayard, accident assessor in the printing industry. 
Appeared in Print & media, edition July 2010. 

Report of the conference


EWPA - European Waterless Printing Association e. V.